September 2017


Mother Nature has been on a rampage lately. For those of us not personally affected it may be hard to keep up with all the hurricanes, storm surges, and earthquakes. This year has been unprecedented in terms of natural events that have destroyed our built environment. Perhaps worst of all, we have not been able to generate the political will to attack the root causes of these catastrophes. This despite the fact that climate scientists, environmentalists and others have been reporting for decades that one of the effects of climate change is MORE ...

July 2017


Hawaii is the only state in the US that is composed only of islands. We have no physical connection to the US mainland, or any other land, and we are farther away from any place else than any place else. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Hawaii's citizens and leaders are acutely aware of the importance of local and global marine environments. Virtually every facet of life in Hawaii is touched by the ocean. Many people in Hawaii fish for food and have access to fresh fish in local markets, often just hours from the time the fish was caught. Also, large game fish inhabit Hawaii's waters, along with all the other organisms that support the ocean's "apex predators." The ocean helps moderate our climate, assists in creating the trade winds that moderate our tropical weather and us with resources too MORE ...

June 2017


There's an old saying -- "The rising tide lifts all boats." It usually refers to the fact that when the economy is good everybody benefits becaise all the boats are rising at the same time. The rising tide also makes our voyages safer. High water means less chance of hitting a submerged reef or rock and sinking. It gives us more "wiggle room" and options. The rising tide doesn't mean that bad things won't happen, it means that when they do we have a better chance of surviving and overcoming because of our extra safety margin
The rising tide also makes people, in general, more positive, sociable and outgoing. This in turn makes MORE